Artificial Intelligence holds fantastic promises and opportunities for companies, allowing them to upgrade their production chain, optimize their processes, reduce their marginal costs.

However, this evolution implies for them to rethink the role of each employee, and to anticipate the profound transformations in work organization that this technology is about to bring. All too often, AI is little or poorly understood, and provokes extreme reactions: fear and resistance to change, or conversely, disproportionate expectations...

AI for Better is working towards a positive impact of Artificial Intelligence, by rehabilitating its image within companies and by helping employees and managers to really understand what is at stake, both for their employer and at an individual level. During practical and awareness-raising workshops, they are invited to work in groups and to reflect together on concrete use cases, in order to better appropriate the concepts.


In a rapidly changing world, in which new technologies are accentuating the divide between digital connoisseurs and the uninitiated, the need to make everyone in business aware of the impacts of these technologies is urgent.


AI4Better was created to give employees the keys to understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. We want to restore confidence in new technologies, inspire a positive vision of digital transformation, and democratize complex subjects to allow each employee to take ownership of this profound development.

We are addressing both insiders, to challenge their vision of AI and the impact they can have on their organization, but also novices, employees whose jobs may change with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in their companies.

Our goal is to help everyone become an optimistic player in the transformation.


Who is behind AI for Better ?

Frédéric Oru is an entrepreneur and research engineer specialized in artificial intelligence. He has international experience of over twenty years at the crossroads of the worlds of scientific research, large companies and startups.


Frederic is a graduate engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique and a Doctor of Mathematics graduate from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in France.

He worked for ten years in the IT services and training sector where he led strategic and international projects for large companies.

He spent the next ten years in the world of digital startups and is one of the founders of NUMA, the pioneer organization in the dissemination of innovation methods for companies and startups. He  led the international development of the company in six countries and four continents.

He has notably overseen international open innovation programs focused on "data" such as "DataCity" (AI solutions for the smart city), "Digital Industry" (AI solutions for industry) and "AI Hub" ( artificial intelligence startup accelerator in Bangalore, India).

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AI for Better supports the fight against climate change

The Game of AI is inspired by the Climate Collage , an educational tool to understand how the climate works and the consequences of its change. The eponymous association aims to educate 1 million people, in order to push them to find individual and collective solutions to global warming.


Artificial intelligence is a key element for optimizing the energy management of cities (smart cities, smart grids), forecasting climate events (cyclones, rare events), etc. Unfortunately, AI can also be a very large consumer of energy, especially for training complex neural networks.


It is therefore extremely important to ensure that artificial intelligence is used to solve problems that are worthwhile, and that does not consume more energy than necessary.


It is with this in mind that AI for Better donates a percentage of its profit to the association "Climate Collage" , and that Frederic Oru contributes as a volunteer facilitator.