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Game of AI

The most effective method to understand artificial intelligence

and think about how to use it in your company.

available online ...

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... or offline

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They discovered the power of AI with us

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"I experienced this workshop as an opening to unimaginable possibilities before [AI ...] I come out with two very clear projects in mind for my industry"

--- Grégory Carillo, Head of the Health Prevention Unit of the RATP Group

Our difference?

A pedagogy designed to create involvement


participants have a motivating experience and are more attentive


participants discover for themselves, debate and feel more involved


group work creates a dynamic conducive to action and change

 « We were looking for an original and collaborative way to train our employees in Artificial Intelligence. The Game of AI completely meets our expectations thanks to its short and interactive format »

--- Patricia Dias, Learning Solutions Account Manager chez Schneider-Electric

Game of AI answers all your questions

What exactly is AI?


How do you carry out an AI project?

How can the machine 'learn'?

What can AI do or not do?

What impact on our businesses and processes?

What are the use cases?

« Game of AI allowed us to understand the subtleties of artificial intelligence and to envision how we could implement it for ourselves and for our customers »

--- Nicolas Gouzy, Partner at Advents Consulting




 Game details :

Goal of the game : in teams of 4 to 6 people, discover thirty cards dealing with important concepts of artificial intelligence and establish a hierarchy between them in order to build an "AI knowledge tree".

Phase 1 - Discovery : participants read the cards in batches of 6 or 7 cards, and try to find the relationships between them.

Phase 2 - Debrief : with each batch, the facilitator corrects errors, answers questions, gives concrete and practical examples in business, and animates the debate between participants.


Phase 3 - Anchoring : on a real use case, the participants must explain how the project was delivered (what type of AI? What data? What impacts? Etc.)


Phase 4 - Brainstorming : the participants imagine together some cases of applications in their business. Everyone takes away at least one idea of a concrete project.


After the Game, participants receive a six-page summary with the key learnings of the game

Your Facilitator

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Frédéric Oru is a specialist in the impact of digital technologies on organizations and individuals. He has international experience of over twenty years at the crossroads of the worlds of scientific research, large companies and startups.

Expert in artificial intelligence, he founded the company AI4Better with a mission in mind: to give everyone the keys to get the benefits of this new technology.

Frédéric Oru

Founder, AI4Better

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What is the impact on the participants?

They understand the stakes

of artificial intelligence for business and for themselves

They are able to identify

use cases in their daily

operational work

They are ready to get involved

in an AI project with internal or external technical teams

 « With The Game of AI, our employees understand what artificial intelligence is and how it could bring value to our customers or within their team, by identifying use cases to implement within their the company  »

--- Patricia Dias, Learning Solutions Account Manager chez Schneider-Electric

Who is the Game of AI useful for?

Management Board

to define an AI strategy

for the company

HR managers

to anticipate the impact on jobs and skills

Business Managers

to understand the performance levers of AI

AI project team

to create the conditions for success during the kick-off

 « I recommend Game of AI to everyone who wants to learn about the diversity of AI techniques and applications in a humanistic approach ; no need to be a great mathematician to understand the main principles and how to use them to extend human capacities in various areas  »

--- Sophie Duzelier, Powertrain System Design R&D at PSA Group

Packaged Offers


3 hours 30 minutes online session

up to 8 people per session

Fixed Price : 1500 € HT *

The workshop takes place entirely online. Each participant must use a personal computer and be isolated in a quiet space in order to be able to use their microphone without interference from other participants.

This fixed price package includes

  • facilitation by an expert in artificial intelligence

  • a videoconference with Zoom (or any other equivalent software compatible with your company's security standards)

  • a collaborative space with Mural prepared for the Game of AI (no registration or installation required)

  • after the workshop, a six-page summary of the key learnings and a lifelong access to the Mural space built by the participants.


3 hours 30 minutes indoor session

up to 20 people per session

Fixed price : 3000 € HT *

The workshop takes place on company premises or in a space rented by the company. The room must have enough room for three ables separated by 3 meters each and must contain a video projection system.

This fixed price Package includes

  • facilitation by an expert in artificial intelligence

  • one card deck for 4 to 6 people

  • papers, pens, markers

  • after the workshop, a six-page summary of the the key learnings.


The package does not include travel costs outside, room rental, catering costs for participants, masks or hydro-alcoholic gels.

* Quotation on request for larger groups or for more specific content.

You won't regret it

Satisfaction Rating*

9.1 / 10

* 2021 rating average from 148 respondents to the question "on a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you recommend Game of AI to a colleague or friend?"

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