Frederic Oru, founder of AI for Better

By 2023, AI will be the primary competitive advantage for businesses in all sectors*. It is urgent to get on with it. And yet, for those who try, 87% of AI projects fail!**

How to be among the companies that will take advantage of AI to become leaders in their market? 

I offer expertise, coaching, and training services to help you successfully complete your AI projects and get the most out of them for your customers and employees.

Why should you trust me? I am an entrepreneur and a research engineer specialized in AI. I have more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation in large companies and start-ups. 

*  Gartner  - What the board needs to know about AI

** Venturebeat - Why do 87% of data science projects never make it into production


Use cutting-edge techniques to outperform the competition

  • Get a report on the State of the art in AI concerning your problem

  • Get a functional prototype to validate a technology

  • Get a technical audit of startups or AI partners you consider working with


Ensure the success of your

Artificial Intelligence projects

  • Identify projects that are really relevant to your business

  • Adopt a methodology that fits artificial intelligence project specificities

  • Provide scientific and technical coaching to drive your Data team.


Give everyone in your company the means to contribute to AI projects

  • " Game of AI ": a serious game to engage your business team in just 3 hours

  • Impactful conferences to educate all employees and prepare them for action

  • Lectures on mathematics and computer science foundations of AI